Solo Energy Bars for enhanced endurance and performance
Are you ready to become SoLo powered?

Whether training or competing, the ability to perform depends on the right fuel choice. SoLo’s high performance nutrition delivers long-term energy, allowing you to perform at your best, over extended periods of time.

Why SoLo energy bars for sports nutrition
SoLo energy bars controlled energy response

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SoLo allows for a slow and steady release of fuel - providing lasting energy, enhanced endurance and consistent results - for a competitive edge each time you consume the product.
Best tasting nutrition and energy bar
Independent tests confirm that SoLo bars are the best tasting energy bars on the market!
     - 11-13 grams protein
     - 24 vitamins & minerals
     - Antioxidants for cell recovery
     - Good, slow burning carbs, good fats
     - No sugar alcohols
     - Best tasting bar on the market!
SoLo's unique combination of great taste and all-natural ingredients is the magic behind the SoLo Power movement and the reason why SoLo is quickly becoming THE choice among bar users. Whether you are in the midst of a championship game, on a long training ride, or before your morning yoga - it's the bar to reach for every time to help you achieve your goals!


Solo Energy Bars are the best tasting nutritional bars

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Solo Mission & Products Interview
Solo President and Founder
Saul Katz

Top Ten Best Choice Snack
Solo Bars Rank Best Choice of 750 Snacks - Children's Hospital Snackwise Program
Solo Awarded Excellence
in Innovation

Functional Food &
Natural Health Product
Pregnancy Study with Solo Bar
Low GI better for mother's health and infant development
Am J Clinical Nutrition Oct 2010
Diabetes Study with Solo Bar
Low GI & Solo Bar improves blood sugar and nutritional status
J Am Dietetic Ass. Feb 2009
Weight Loss Study Nov 2010
Solo Bar Design
Best diet to keep weight off
New England Journal of Medicine
Vancouver 2010 Marathon
Athletes Prefer Solo Bars
Solo on CTV Canada AM
Low GI made Simple
Solo on 9News
Colorado & Co

CHBC News Interview
Solo President and Founder
Saul Katz

World-class, professional and collegiate athletes are using SoLo as a preferred fuel source for long-term, controlled energy during training and competition.
Larsen Jensen - Swimmer
Annett Kamenz - Triathlete
Adrian Lambert - Mountain Runner
Keith MacCullough - Paraglider
Megan Metcalfe - Distance Runner
Nathaniel Miller - Polo Team
Josh Simpson - Cross Country
Rebecca Stallwood - Cross Country
Paul Tichelaar - Triathlete
Brian Torrance - Marathon Runner
Mark Vollmer - Mountain Runner

San Antonio Spurs
Orlando Magic
Sacramento Kings
Indiana Pacers
Washington Wizards
Atlanta Hawks
Minnesota Timberwolves


Detroit Tigers
Toronto Blue Jays
Milwaukee Brewers
Cincinnati Reds
Chicago White Sox
Boston Red Sox


Fort Erie Seawolves
Toledo Mud Hens
Lakeland Flying Tigers
West Michigan Whitecaps
Oneonta Tigers

Atlanta Thrashers
Colorado Avalanche
Vancouver Canucks
Minnesota Wild
Winnipeg Jets

Toronto Marlies
Manitoba Moose
Abbotsford Heat
Hamilton Bulldogs
St. John Ice Caps


Winnipeg Blue Bombers


Vancouver Giants
Saskatoon Blades
Kelowna Rockets
Regina Pats
Chilliwack Bruins
Lethbridge Hurricanes
Seattle Thunderbirds
Prince Albert Riders
Kamloops Blazers
Victoria Royals

Boston University
DePaul University
Georgia Tech
Harvard University
Michigan Tech University
North Carolina State
Northeastern University
Oberlin College
Syracuse University
Stanford University
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Solo GI Nutrition Inc.

3 -1595 Innovation Drive
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada V1V 2Y8

Telephone: 250-491-1720 Fax: 250-491-1756
Toll Free 1-866-SO-LOW-GI (1-866-765-6944)

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